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Biologist and former soldier Lena is shocked when her missing husband comes home near death from a top-secret mission into The Shimmer, a mysterious quarantine zone from which no one has ever returned. Now, Lena and her elite team must enter a beautiful, deadly world of mutated landscapes and creatures, to discover how to stop the growing phenomenon that threatens all life on Earth


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Jul 03, 2019

I got admit I kinda like this movie. Very unpredictable .

May 06, 2019

Some unduly harsh comments by some of these others who chimed in. This is a great sci-fi film (and there are a lot of bad ones out there!). The director Alex Garland also wrote Ex Machina and Sunshine. He is on a role with this genre and I hope he keeps doing it. Watch his movies if you like sci-fi! Good plot and acting.

Apr 03, 2019

Finally, something original! However, I felt like the writers could have done ALOT more with the material they had to work with. Don't expect any clear answers from the ending.

Mar 30, 2019

another computer generated device looking for a plot, only never to find one

Mar 13, 2019

I would only recommend this flick to avid sci-fi buffs who find silly plots and poor acting to be acceptable. Boring and predictable.

Mar 12, 2019

Trippy, well-done scifi.

Mar 12, 2019

This is a visual arts film; it has dazzling effects and great visual landscapes, especially in the Shimmer. But they spent little on the story, and I believe it shows.

The premise is a typical dystopian Sci-Fi film, where the characters must "save the world" from utter destruction (see the title name). In addition to the typical dystopian plot, the characters are some women who are off to save the world, especially one "tribute" (oops, I mean "volunteer"). The characters and dialogue are as flat as the plot is proto-typical. They face off against foreign creatures that are evolving (can anyone say "Jurassic Park" or "Parasite Eve?") This film, in terms of story, then, has nothing to prove except how overdone dystopian novels (that become adapted to films) are being used and abused.

Some people may not understand some of the things that went on in this movie, but to be honest, even the must subtle parts scream the obvious to me. Again, this film was not meant to be a "take home" and be "wow'd" by the plot; it's a visual effects piece that has standard features all dystopian Sci-Fi movies share. I was hoping for more.

Mar 11, 2019

Seriously out-of-this-world movie. It drags a little early on, but it picks up and by the end you won't know what hit you. Incredible experience with unbelievable audio. Top-notch soundtrack and sound effects that really make for a visceral experience. This movie attempts to be something completely different and mysterious and full of wonder. It succeeds to an admirable degree.

Feb 23, 2019

Mostly centered around a female search party it's fast paced with great characters and acting, scary and awesome images. Best alien, and best alien movie I've seen in a while. You need to watch it more than once. Loved the sound track.

Hillsboro_RobP Feb 04, 2019

I read the book and then watched the film, and I have to conclude that somewhere in the middle is the perfect match.
After the book, I didn't find it slow or vague, but that may just illustrate how opaque (but worthwhile!) the novel is.

Better in the book: Names aren't used, and that's super important.
Never seeing the border (or Shimmer) that's important too!
The surveyor has a military background, the biologist does not.
The Psychologist. Jennifer Leigh does an outstanding job with this character, but the self-destruct question (Annihilation!) is almost completely lost.
Distrust of the narrator: This is done in the movie, but not as well as it could have been. One of the best parts of the book.

Better in the movie: Creatures and plant life- Beautiful, creepy, and fascinating. A+
The prism theory: It makes a lot of sense, even if it came out of nowhere.
Character interaction: They all acted a lot more like real people in the film, which I found a lot less frustrating than the women in the book.
Exploration: The expedition asks good questions, makes reasonable decisions, and tries to work on the mystery of Area X.
Ending: There IS an ending. Not really sure what to make of it though.

This film makes for a fascinating comparison to the book, but would have a hard time standing on its own.

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Aug 05, 2018

This quote is not in IMDb:

Lena lectures in Johns Hopkins Med school class:

This is a cell. Like all cells, it is born from an existing cell. And by extension, all cells were ultimately born from one cell. A single organism alone on planet Earth, perhaps alone in the universe. About four billion years ago... one became two, two became four. Then eight, 16, 32. The rhythm of the dividing pair... which becomes the structure of every microbe, blade of grass, sea creature, land creature... and human. The structure of everything that lives... and everything that dies. As students of medicine, as the doctors of tomorrow, this is where you come in. The cell we're looking at is from a tumor. Female patient, early 30s, taken from the cervix.

Over the course of the next term, we will be closely examining cancer cells
in vitro and discussing autophagic activity.

Aug 05, 2018

This quote is one of many in IMDb (Thank you!!)

Lena: Why did my husband volunteer for a suicide mission?

Dr Ventress: Is that what you think we're doing? Committing suicide?

Lena: You must have profiled him. You must have assessed him. He must have said something.

Dr Ventress: So you're asking me as a psychologist?

Lena: Yeah.

Dr Ventress: Then, as a psychologist, I think you're confusing suicide with self-destruction. Almost none of us commit suicide, and almost all of us self-destruct. In some way, in some part of our lives. We drink, or we smoke, we destabilize the good job... and a happy marriage. But these aren't decisions, they're... they're impulses. In fact, you're probably better equipped to explain this than I am.

Lena: What does that mean?

Dr Ventress: You're a biologist. Isn't the self-destruction coded into us? Programmed into each cell?

Aug 05, 2018

This quote is one of many in IMDb:

Kane: I was just looking at the moon. It's always so weird seeing it like that in the daylight.

Lena: Like God made a mistake. Left the hall lights on.

Kane: God doesn't make mistakes. That's... somewhat key to the whole "being a god" thing.

Lena: Pretty sure he does.

Kane: You know he's listening right now, don't you?

Lena: You take a cell, circumvent the Hayflick limit, you can prevent senescence.

Kane: I was about to make the exact same point.

Lena: It means the cell doesn't grow old, it becomes immortal. Keeps dividing, doesn't die. They say aging is a natural process, but it's actually a fault in our genes.

Kane: I get really turned on when you patronize me. It's really hot.

Lena: Without it, I could keep looking like this forever.

Kane: Oh, okay. Well, that could constitute a mistake.

[kisses her]


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